At DOG Worthy we use only the latest, research-based, scientific methods to train your dog! When you understand how dogs think, and WHY they do the things they do, teaching them how to behave the way you want is easy! We will never use fear, force, or pain to train your dog or to change their behavior. Instead, we use reward-based methods that focus on communication and teaching your dog what we expect.  Best of all, we show you how training can be FUN!  Not just fun for Fido, but fun for you, too​!  All training begins with a 60-90 minute consultation.  We can discuss your concerns and/or goals and after assessing your dog, you choose the method of training that works best for you!

All private training options begin with the initial consultation. During the consultation your dog will be assessed and you will have the opportunity to discuss current challenges and issues you'd like resolved, ask questions you may have about your dog's behavior, and learn more about the training process.  We will discuss different training options and after you decide which is the best choice for you, a customized training plan will be developed based on you and your dog's specific needs.
Day Training


Day training is a great option for those on the go or those who prefer to leave most of the training to a certified trainer.  Day training packages include one-on-one training for your dog in your home. You don't even have to be home during these initial sessions!  We'll catch you up during the coaching sessions!  After your dog has had some training, we will meet during a coaching session to show you the progress your dog has made and teach you how to maintain your dog's good behavior.

In Home Coaching Sessions


Private one-on-one coaching is a great option if you want to be involved in the training process, but need a little guidance. You will receive weekly or bi-weekly lessons from a certified trainer. We will coach you through the training process by demonstrating what to do then coaching you through the process as you practice on your own. All sessions are followed up with written instructions, homework, and next steps.  Our goal is to set you up for success from the start, but don't worry!  Email and text support is offered in between sessions should you get stuck.



  • 90 minute behavior consultation in your home

  • Discuss your current concerns and training goals

  • Assess and evaluate your dog's behavior

  • Provide management tools you can implement immediately

  • Customized training plan based on your dog's specific needs​



$100 per session

  • 60-75 minute sessions

  • Training Plans customized to your training goals

  • Phone, email, text support between sessions