Training Services & Specialties

Puppy Packages

Our puppy packages make sure you get off on the right paw with your new pup.  We will teach you how to establish a solid foundation for training and learning while having FUN with your new companion.  Teach your pup how to be comfortable in stressful situations such as being groomed or going to the vet.  Learn how to prevent problems before they begin and how to address those pesky puppy behaviors when they do arise.

  • Housetraining/crate training

  • Socialization (people, dogs, other animals & objects)

  • Beginning Obedience

  • House Rules

  • Chew Training

  • Body handling

  • Veterinary & Grooming Procedures

Manners and Obedience

Learn a variety of basic obedience commands and gain the tools needed to teach your dog practical manners for every day life. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Sit, down, stay

  • Rock Solid Recalls

  • Walking nicely on Leash

  • Door Manners

  • Polite greetings

Common Behavior Problems

We know the list of “bad doggie” behaviors can seem endless at times, but do not despair!  We can help! By learning how to best teach our dogs, we can begin to eliminate the problematic behaviors that drive us nuts and we can begin to enjoy our dogs more than ever before! We will give you practical solutions to every day problems.

  • Digging and other destructive behaviors

  • Door Dashing

  • Dog-Dog Issues 

  • Reactive Dogs

  • Fearful and Shy Dogs

  • Counter surfing, jumping up

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